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Hippie Paradise blog is created by Diane Gracely the founder of Hippie Paradise. Add us to your bookmarks or favorite websites to come back often to read articles on Diane’s new blog. Diane blogs about her hippie lifestyle, her motorcycle rides, and her creative gifts for hippies and bikers.

Diane designs one of a kind custom made Wind Chimes and Sun Catchers.

Diane’s husband Keith is a woodturning artist who designs collectible wood art pipes. SHOP – puffforlife.com

Diane is disabled and this is her way of earning some extra income. Please support Diane by shopping here on her website during the holidays and special occasions. You can shop here for all of your family and friends.

Diane will be adding new products FOR SALE here that she and her husband Keith design.

Diane is also a woodturning artist but due to her disabilities she doesn’t get out in the wood shop too often any more. Diane has created some beautiful collectible wood art bottles in the past. Here is a photo of some of her creative wood art.

hippie paradise

The bottles above are some of Diane’s first creations. She still has them, she’s not sure if she wants to sell these or not. She probably would for the right price.

The first bottle on the left is made from a log of black walnut. The bottle in the middle is made from a log of sycamore burl, and expensive and a hard to find wood in this size. The bottle on the right is also made from a log of black walnut.